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Dragoos Halloween Hunt

Dragoos Halloween Hunt Details

This is a free hunt! These free static gifts are transferable and come in 3 colors! Only 1 of each color is available on the region at any given time. Each gift respawns at a new random location when collected. So act fast! Can you find all 3?

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Available now! This event ends after October 31st.

How It Works

Visit the Springlab Games main region (Rivenhelm) to start your hunt. The 3 gifts are waiting in random locations across the region. Once you find one of the 3 gifts, simply touch it and it will give you a gift of the same color. After it's given you the gift, it will teleport to a new random location ready to be found by the next visitor.


  • Teleport is disabled
  • Flight is disabled
  • Must be within 5m of gift to touch / activate it
  • There is no limit per Avi