Dragoos @ Sci-Fi Con 2024

The Dragoos have arrived at the Sci-Fi Con 2024!!

The Dragoos have arrived for the first time at Sci-Fi Con! Introducing 3 new Companions and Shoulder Pets! Sci-Fi Con has partnered with Linden Lab to support the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Come check out the Dragoos area, explore this awesome event and help support a great cause! The event is open through June 4th!

Hunter Gift

The Hunter Companion will be a special prize for the Sci-Con Hunt as well as an extra gift in the Fatpack. Will add more details about the Sci-Fi Con Hunt as soon as they're available.

Sci-Fi Con Hunt Info

Check the notices in the Dragoos group for the Hunt HUD. Or you should be able to find HUD givers at train stations and other locations around the event. When you attach the HUD you'll see little unlit Foxes at the bottom of your screen. When you click a Fox, it will give you a location and a hint. You'll have to TP to the location and use the Hint to find a 3D Fox that looks like the ones in the HUD. You'll need to get close to the Fox and click it to obtain the Gift. Once you've collected the Gift, the Fox for it will light up. There are arrows / pages to navigate all of the locations and prizes. Please make sure you detach and reattach the HUD every so often for it to detect new locations and prizes. Hope this helps and happy hunting!

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